Fox News Host Schools Donald Trump On Polling After Latest POTUS Attack On Network

Shutterstock; Fox News via YouTube

President Donald Trump’s relationship with Fox News Channel sometimes has veered from ally to frenemy in recent months, and today one of its on-air personalitites called POTUS out for his latest snipe at the network.

Trump tweeted this morning that “Fox news is at it again” in response to its report on a new poll that shows him trailing some Democratic challengers, by a lot. In response, host and correspondent Julie Banderas — who has crossed swords with the commander in chief before — tweeted “That is incorrect” and did her level best to explain the concept of polling to him. Here is the exchange (Trump’s tweet is a two-parter):

Where is Schoolhouse Rock! when you really need it?

Anyway, this isn’t the first time Banderas has stood up for her network in the face of presidential harassment. Back in January — which feels like half a lifetime ago — she smacked back on social media after Trump tweeted that two of her FNC colleagues “have even less understanding of the Wall negotiations than the folks at FAKE NEWS CNN & NBC!” Banderas’ reply: “Bullying journalists is not presidential.”

Now that can put take the fun out of Executive Time.

Meanwhile, Democratic front-runner Joe Biden’s camp couldn’t resist chiming on the latest pearls is what?-dom from the Oval Office, offering this double-digit face slap:

And as David Letterman often used to remind us, “If you’ve ever been polled, you know just how painful that can be.”

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