Twitter Responds To Controversial Figure Boris Johnson Becoming UK Prime Minister: “God Help Us”

Boris Johnson

He wasn’t voted in by a majority of the country, he’s a controversial populist accused of racism and sexism, he comes from significant family wealth and he sports a distinctive blonde mop. The Donald Trump parallels are seemingly endless…Conservative Party members have elected Boris Johnson as the next Prime Minister of the UK.

This result was expected in recent weeks given that Johnson was one of the primary architects of Brexit and has the backing of the right-wing of his party who want Brexit at any cost, even if it means leaving the EU without a deal.

Johnson succeeds outgoing PM Theresa May who was recently made to stand down by the fractious, ruling Conservative party. He will at some point need to call a general election so the country can have a say on whether it wants to be governed by the controversial figure.

Johnson is a former journalist and Mayor Of London who is routinely mocked as a buffoon but who has also been accused of racism and outed for barefaced lies. In a weekly column for UK newspaper The Telegraph he has described black people as “piccaninnies” with “watermelon smiles,” and Muslim women in burqas as looking like “bank robbers” and “letterboxes.”

A number of prominent government ministers have already said they will resign in the eventuality of a Johnson win. Today, Johnson said, “I say to all the doubters, dude, we are going to energise the country.”

Trump is of course a big fan, hewn as they are from the same lump of wood.

Today’s result was greeted with skepticism and fear by many in the UK media landscape. “God help us all,” wrote presenter Sue Perkins.

Journalist and TV presenter Mehdi Hasan shared memories of Johnson as a younger man.

David Lammy, a politician for the opposition Labour Party, said the result was a “sad indictment of modern Britain”:

TV host Piers Morgan welcomed the “bumbling charlatan” as PM:

Vice put it bluntly…

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