Trevor Noah Demands Answers On Trump’s Involvement In A$AP Rocky Case

Trevor Noah talks Trump and A$AP Rocky case. (Credit: Comedy Central)
Comedy Central

Trevor Noah is all for freeing rapper A$AP Rocky from a Swedish jail. He just thinks the president of the United States should have more pressing issues to worry about.

Rocky’s been locked up since July 2 on assault charges in connection with a Stockholm street brawl.

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Over the weekend, President Trump announced he’d called Sweden’s prime minister to “personally vouch” for the rapper’s bail. It was all too much for Noah, who dissected the case Monday night on the Daily Show.

First Noah marveled at the amount of time Harlem rapper Rocky has been jailed for fighting.

“At this rate, if Sweden keeps him locked up any longer, he’ll have to change the dollar sign in his name to a Euro,” Noah quipped.

The comedian then played some of the viral video clips of the fight, that showed Rocky and his security team urging two men to leave them alone before fists started to fly.

Noah blamed Sweden’s state-sponsored health care system for emboldening the men to take on a “giant bodyguard,” suggesting they did it because they knew they’d get free medical care after suffering a beating.

Noah went on to note Rocky has powerful friends — Kanye West and Kim Kardashian — who went straight to the top. He played a clip of President Trump telling reporters he’s doing his absolute best to help free the rapper.

“I personally don’t know A$AP Rocky, but I can tell you he has tremendous support from the African-American community,” Trump said, causing Noah to crack up. “When I say African American, I think I can really say from everybody in this country, because we’re all one.”

That act as unifier-in-chief pushed Noah over the edge. In his best Trump voice, he mocked the president saying: “That’s right folks. We’re all one and anyone who doesn’t agree with that can go back to their shi*hole countries.”

Noah went on the call the entire Trump-A$AP-Kanye ordeal “the craziest sh*t ever.”

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