‘Mayans MC’ Rumbles Into Comic-Con With Season 2 Preview

Mayans MC

FX’s Mayans M.C. rumbled into Comic-Con International on Sunday afternoon to shut-down the place as the final Hall H preview panel of the 2019 convention. It was an appropriate scheduling spot given the biker show’s upcoming Season 2 which promises a wild ride of final showdowns and last chances.

The series returns on Sept. 3 with the latest chapter in Kurt Sutter’s ongoing kickstand chronicles about gangs wrapped in matching leather and bound by their outlaw codes. The epic crime tragedy began in Sons of Anarchy (2008-2014) and then picked up last year with the premiere of Mayans, which introduced  Ezekiel “EZ” Reyes (JD Pardo), a club prospect in a Latino biker gang based in the border town of Santo Padre.

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The Hall H session included the first 20 minutes of the Season 2 premiere episode, which picks up more than six months after the events depicted in the Season 1 finale.

The new footage was shot in Mexico and the visual textures are a dramatic shift from the Southern California, as co-creator and an executive producer Elgin James noted during the follow-up panel.

To the delight of fans, James also noted: “There’s a chance we’re going to see some Sons of Anarchy members for sure.”

Yes, the new season will expand on the show’s crossover conflict between the members of the Mayans and the Sons of Anarchy, a tidbit that is hardly surprising.  Still, the fans in Hall H were vocal in their excitement at hearing the news.

Edward James Olmos, the veteran actor with a lot of Comic-Con experience after years portraying Commander Adama of Battlestar: Galactica, promised the audience that the show’s production may have literally gone south (in locale) but the series itself is figuratively kicking it into another gear (in grim story ambitions).

“If you liked Season 1, Season Two is a lot darker,” said Olmos, who portrays Felipe Reyes, father of EZ and Angel (Clayton Cardenas).

The panel was light on news and, with a dozen-plus members of the cast and creative team crowding the stage, the panel at times was more of a roll call than a deep dive into the show’s compelling crime world. But the footage (and the new trailer that dropped last week) showed the ramping confrontations that will pit biker vs. cartel, brother vs. brother, and old grudges vs new alliances.

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