Tom Cruise Tells ‘Conan’ The Secrets Behind His ‘Tropic Thunder’ Character And Dance Moves

Tom Cruise isn’t known for comedy, but he does have it on his resume. Tonight on Conan, he resurrected his Tropic Thunder¬†character Les Grossman’s dance moves and colorful language.

Cruise is making the rounds after a surprise appearance at Comic-Con today, but decided to focus in his Conan segment on comedy, a lesser-known aspect of his talents.

The 2008 action-comedy Tropic Thunder, directed and starring Ben Stiller, featured Cruise along with Jack Black, Robert Downey Jr., Jay Baruchel and Brandon T. Jackson as a group of actors making a Vietnam War film. The prima donnas are dropped in the middle of a jungle and have to use their acting skills to survive.

One of the memorable moments was from Cruise, who received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Supporting Actor – Motion Picture for his efforts in the film.

Cruise told Conan that he did imitations as a kid, but relished the chance to take on the role of Grossman, a demanding studio executive who dances during the end credits to Ludacris’s “Get Back.”

“Les Grossman is a fun character,” Cruise said, and talked about taking hip-hop classes to prepare for the role. He told Stiller that if he appeared in the film, “I’m going to dance. And I need fat hands.”

Watch the video below for more on how he stepped outside his usual acting zone.   

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