Stephen Colbert Weathers Donald Trump’s Carolina Hurricane


Donald Trump was in the news today. While that’s about as surprising as a prize in a Cracker Jack box, Stephen Colbert did his darnedest to joke about it. Equally unsurprising.

Fodder for his monologue on The Late Show tonight focused on POTUS’ own monologue from the previous night, when he made a wide-ranging and rails-challenged address to a North Carolina rally crowd. Among Colbert’s attack topics were Trump’s nostalgic wax-o-rama about his days hosting The Apprentice — which led to a truly odd non sequitur that gave the late-night host a chance to name-check Gary Busey and Meat Loaf.

Colbert also had some fun with the president’s difficulty in spitting out the word “district” and his fumble-then-punt on the name of Squad leader Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Let’s just say three names is a little time-consuming for such a fine orator who’s trying to (chuckle) stick to the script. Have a look for yourself and play along with Colbert’s name game.

Colbert’s post-monologue guests tonight include his network-mate Norah O’Donnell, who just took over as anchor of CBS Evening News this week.

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