‘It Chapter Two’ Director Andy Muschietti Would Love To Remake ‘The Howling’ – ScareDiego At Comic-Con

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Toward the end of tonight’s New Line ScareDiego session of It Chapter Twothe cast and director Andy Muschietti were asked by a fan in the crowd what other horror films they would remake next, and what titles they would refuse to touch.

“I assume to the chagrin of Stephen King that we should not remake The Shining,” said James Ransone to applause.

Conan O’Brien, Andy Bean, Isaiah Mustafa, James Ransone, Bill Hader, Jessica Chastain, Andy Muschietti, Director, James McAvoy, Jay Ryan at
New Line Cinema’s 3rd annual ScareDiego.
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“Something like Rosemary’s Baby,” said Jessica Chastain suggeting a classic that shouldn’t be rebooted, “something that comes from a director who is incredibly visionary, and they really told the story in their own way; I can’t imagine remaking.”

Other titles Hollywood should keep their hands off per the cast: John Carpenter’s They Live, and though not a horror film, Big Trouble in Little China. 

However, if Muschietti could remake another horror pic after Stephen King’s It, he told the crowd it would the 1981 pic The Howling.

“If you remade The Howling, that would be rad,” Bill Hader to Muschietti (earlier in the evening, Hader delighted the crowd with his impersonation of Muschietti). Muschietti’s suggestion of The Howling was mere musing off a fan’s question. he wasn’t announcing anything.

Joe Dante’s The Howling follows a television newswoman who is sent to a remote mountain resort whose residents may not be what they seem; all after she has a bizarre encounter with a serial killer.

The Howling

While Warner Bros. opted to skip San Diego Comic-Con this year despite the fact that they have three DC movies coming out before next year’s fanboy confab —The Joker, Birds of Prey, and Wonder Woman 1984–they moved forward with a spotlight this year on the sequel to their highest grossing horror film ever, It ($700.3M). And that was ‘it’, really. No Conjuring 3 tease, no Doctor Sleep footage (which is a Warners release, not New Line); the entire hour and fiften minutes was devoted to It: Chapter Two, its adult cast, Muschietti, and Conan O’Brien on tap for hosting duties. Two years ago when New Line launched ScareDiego, they showed off a teaser from The Nun, introduced fanboys to the young Losers Club cast with two clips and a trailer (the most anyone had seen at that point in time from It, CinemaCon only had a trailer then), and screened a full cut of Annabelle: Creation. Extras dressed in yellow raincoats holding red balloons were scattered around the theater lobby, and continued to be seen during Comic-Con. Oh, and there was an Annabelle doll in the lobby.

It Chapter 2
New Line

O’Brien emphasized at the top of the session that the entire evening was a “no spoiler” evening, meaning no cell phones. Everything in the room was intended to stay in the room. “I’m impotent,” he joked testing the waters, saying that if that quip got out to the trades, it meant someone in the room broke the circle of trust. But O’Brien wasn’t kidding. The press were forbidden from using their laptops and security would jump on anyone who was even audio recording the session (which wasn’t the case at ScareDiego I). Such odd parameters since this is Comic-Con, and every media outlet and fanboy blogger is always typing away, covering every panel’s maneuver. It’s all about the studio creating a spoiler free environment with the footage shown, but, hey, it’s Comic-Con and it’s the social media age. At Comic-Con 2015, Warners dropped a trailer for Suicide Squad in Hall H. Some attendee uploaded the shaky footage to YouTube and Warners had no choice but to release the full trailer in full. Fox was in a similar situation that year with Deadpool. 

Tonight audiences were treated to four pieces of footage: Another  trailer, a sequence of the Losers Club as adults reuniting at a Chinese restaurant, only to be stirred up with fortune cookies; a scene with Bill Denbrough (James McAvoy) being tormented by Pennywise the clown in a funhouse of mirrors, and the gang descending upon the clown’s haunted house. It was all fresh footage with nothing recycled from CinemaCon.  At that exhibitor conference back in April, New Line showed off a fantastic scene where the adult Beverly Marsh (Chastain), returns to her original apartment, finds some memories and contends with a vicious old hag. Mindblowing.

While the first It dealt with innocence and childhood, Muschietti said that the sequel is about “trauma”. McAvoy specified that his character in the sequel deals with “survivor’s trauma.” In regards to researching their roles, the cast pointed to the first It itself as being the best research to prepare for their roles.

It Chapter Two opens on Sept. 6. The first It turned the once dead zone of post Labor Day into a lucrative period at the domestic box office, charting the best opening ever for the early fall (September-October) period with $123.4M.




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