AGBO Sets Author Lev Grossman’s Original Sci-Fi Series Idea ‘The Heavens’ At Amazon

Russo Brothers
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EXCLUSIVE: In a competitive situation, AGBO has sold bestselling author Lev Grossman’s original idea, The Heavens to Amazon, which has committed to a pilot script with a significant penalty attached.

The series idea is science fiction in the grand tradition of classic space opera, but told in a dark, grounded, emotionally complex manner. The story centers on Miranda, a troubled but gifted young woman who finds a powerful weapon left behind by a long-vanished empire. That discovery will launch Miranda on an epic adventure with a sprawling cast of characters, from a lethal super-agent to an alcoholic genius prince, as she struggles to unite a galaxy at war against a vast, ancient antagonist.

The series is set to be Executive Produced by Michael London’s Groundswell Productions as well as by AGBO’s Lindsay Dunn, Mike Larocca, and Anthony and Joe Russo. It should give the Russo Brothers an extra something to discuss Friday at 11 AM, when the Avengers: Endgame directors headline a panel at San Diego Comic-Con to discuss that blockbuster — which is just $5 million away from eclipsing James Cameron’s all time global grossing Avatar — and other AGBO fare.

“When I was eight I saw Star Wars in the theater six times,” Grossman said. “Ever since then I’ve been waiting to tell a story like that, with thundering starships and massive battles and charismatic heroes — but in my own voice, in a way that speaks to the moment we’re in right now. I couldn’t have better partners for this — AGBO and the Russo brothers are among the greatest world builders and epic storytellers of all time, and I have a long history with Michael London and Groundswell made The Magicians for Syfy. When we took this to Amazon they immediately grasped the vision for this show and committed to making it happen. Together I think we can bring the incredible power and romance and adventure of space opera to TV in a way that feels fresh and real and new.”

The Magicians is one of five novels by Grossman, also an award winning journalist. The Magicians is filming its fifth season at Syfy. London’s also producing Snowfall for FX and recently produced the Golden-Globe nominated SMILF for Showtime as well as the HBO film Confirmation with Kerry Washington. Founded by the Russos, Todd Makurath, and Larocca, AGBO is an artist-led collective focused on creating global content for film, television and digital platforms

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