Stanley Kubrick Screenplay Ideas Unearthed With Focus On Marriage, Jealousy & Adultery

2001 A Space Odyssey Stanley Kubrick
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Three unrealized Stanley Kubrick screenplay ideas have been unearthed in the UK.

The previously unknown collection of notes and typed script date from between 1954 and 1956 and have a heavy focus on marriage, jealousy and adultery, according to the Guardian, which was alerted to the documents.

Married Man comprises 35 pages of typed script with handwritten annotations and pages of handwritten notes. The Perfect Marriage has handwritten notes and seven pages of scenes while the third unfinished project, Jealousy, has 13 pages of typed and handwritten material for a story about resentment between a married couple.

At the time, the revered filmmaker was having marital problems with his second wife, Ruth Sobotka, but it was also a productive period that spawned movies Killer’s Kiss (1955), The Killing (1956) and Paths Of Glory (1957).

According to the Guardian, the opening lines of Married Man read: “Marriage is like a long meal with dessert served at the beginning … Can you imagine the horrors of living with a woman who fastens herself on you like a rubber suction cup whose entire life revolves around you morning, noon and night? … It’s like drowning in a sea of feathers. Sinking deeper and deeper into the soft, suffocating depths of habit and familiarity. If she’d only fight back. Get mad or jealous, even just once. Look, last night I went out for a walk. Right after dinner. I came home at two in the morning. Don’t ask me where I was.”

The material has been transferred to the Kubrick archive at the University of the Arts London.

Academic and Kubrick expert Nathan Abrams told the UK newspaper, “There’s masses of new material we didn’t know he’d done. It was all previously sitting in his house, now transferred by his estate. These are projects that Kubrick wanted to do but didn’t do. I have not come across references to these in anything I’ve read previously.”

Abrams goes on to note that Kubrick is often thought of as a great director but not necessarily a great screenwriter, something he says Kubrick himself admitted. Last year, a long-lost Kubrick script, Burning Secret, went up for auction in New York.

The great American filmmaker, known for movie classics including Spartacus, 2001: A Space Odyssey, A Clockwork Orange, Barry Lyndon and Full Metal Jacket, passed away in 1999.

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