SAG-AFTRA Working With Disney To Resolve “Small Number” Of Late Residuals


Disney and SAG-AFTRA are working to resolve late residuals payments to a “small number” of actors, the union told its members recently. The union says it has filed claims and will be collecting applicable late-payment penalties on impacted titles.

“Payment delinquencies, due in large part to Disney’s recent changeover to a new residuals system, has resulted in processing issues and payment delays,” SAG-AFTRA said. “This is impacting a small number of members who worked on recent Disney films and reruns of some basic cable television shows.”

SAG-AFTRA says it expects that the problem will be resolved and everyone paid up within 90 days.

The union said July 2 that it became aware of delinquencies on “several Disney features and television programs” and that its IT team began “working closely with Disney in an attempt to help solve the configuration and connection issues so that the studio can quickly correct the delinquencies.”

The glitches in Disney’s system reportedly have been fixed, and the backlog of late payments is now being cleared.

The union said fourth-quarter 2018 residuals, which were due March 1, were reported late, as were first-quarter 2019 residuals, which were due May on 31 for reruns of basic cable shows. “Further complicating payment, there have been cast list problems that impact the residuals being reported for certain new pictures,” the guild said. “Disney is working to resolve the issues and we hope the delinquencies are completely cleared up within 90 days. And, to repeat, we have filed a claim for all residuals due.”

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