Camryn Manheim Running For SAG-AFTRA National Secretary-Treasurer On Gabrielle Carteris Slate

Camryn Manheim running for SAG-AFTRA national secretary-treasurer

Camryn Manheim is running for national secretary-treasurer of SAG-AFTRA. The Emmy-wining actress, whose many credits include The Practice, Person of Interest and Ghost Whisperer, as part of president Gabrielle Carteris’ Unite for Strength/USAN slate.


“Our industry is in the midst of a major transformation,” Manheim said. “I am eager to use my loud voice to stand up for SAG-AFTRA members and level the playing field, especially when it comes to the powerful media conglomerates. Coming from a long line of union activists, I understand the challenges that we face. I am known for being street smart, business savvy, outspoken, and a fierce advocate. I am well equipped to greet these upcoming challenges. I will apply my 30 years of experience as both a union member and businesswoman to fight for our financial security. My son joined the union last year, so I am determined to make SAG-AFTRA strong and prosperous for both current members and future generations. President Gabrielle Carteris and her team consistently impress me with their progressive and innovative accomplishments, and I enthusiastically look forward to serving with her as secretary-treasurer.”

Said Carteris: “I am thrilled to welcome Camryn Manheim as UFS and USAN’s candidate for SAG-AFTRA secretary-treasurer. She is a powerful force who works the contracts and has real life experience running her own successful business. Camryn is a dynamic, out-of-the box thinker and problem solver. She is invested in our members’ needs not only for today, but for the future. Camryn’s focus and drive are incredible assets for keeping our union strong and successful.”

Manheim’s supporters include Deborah Messing, Marcia Gay Harden, Chad Lowe, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Maria Bello, LisaGay Hamilton, Dylan McDermott and Cheryl Hines. If elected, she’ll succeed Jane Austin, who’s running for president.

“Camryn is a fierce fighter for causes that are dear to her,” Messing said. “She is smart, vocal, and the most proactive person I know. If you want an advocate who will speak loudly and passionately on your behalf, vote for Camryn Manheim for secretary-treasurer. She was born to do this! I will be supporting Gabriele Carteris, Camryn, and the entire UFS/USAN slate!”

Added Ferguson: “Camryn Manheim exudes fairness, perseverance, and an unwavering commitment to justice. Even before I knew her personally, I was aware of her impeccable reputation. I have been inspired by her devotion to her fellow artists and to the prosperity of the union that protects those artists. I have always looked up to Camryn as both a fearless advocate and fierce businesswoman. I honestly can’t think of anyone I trust more fighting for the rights and benefits of my peers and myself.”

Said Harden: “I would follow Camryn across the plains in a covered wagon if she told me to because when new frontiers need to be explored, challenged, and claimed, she is the best fighter in the world. We urgently need Camryn Manheim to help us conquer the frontier of digital streaming. It is our duty to invest in and protect the performers in our industry. To do that, we need hard working officers combined with keen financial understanding. I enthusiastically join Camryn in supporting Unite for Strength, USAN and the leadership of Gabrielle Carteris.”

McDermott added: “I worked with Camryn for seven years on The Practice. I can tell you that she is a deeply concerned citizen and a fierce advocate for social justice. She is a smart businesswoman and a strategic problem-solver. I feel confident that by joining with the forces of Gabrielle Carteris and Unite for Strength/USAN, Camryn Manheim will be a huge benefit to our union.”

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