Fox News Anchor Tells Viewers “It’s A Crime” To Burn The U.S. Flag

Fox News anchor says its "a crime" to burn U.S. flag
Fox News screengrab via Mediate

A day after President Donald Trump reminded Americans about how the Continental Army “took over the airports” in 1775, Fox News viewers offered more alternative facts today. During the Fifth of July broadcast of Outnumberedco-anchor Julie Banderas pointed out that it’s “a crime to burn the American flag.”

Just one little problem: It’s not.

The panel failed its civics lesson during a segment about the controversy over Nike canceling the sale of sneakers adorned with the “Betsy Ross flag.” Banderas was reacting to guest panelist Carley Shimkus, who said: “The American flag — it’s very important to honor it. There was a video of somebody who stopped burning of the protest yesterday with his hands. It means a lot to a lot of people.” At that point, Banderas added, “Two people were arrested after that.”

That is true, but the scorching of Old Glory wasn’t the reason for those busts — because flag burning isn’t illegal.

Nonetheless, Banderas then told Fox News viewers: “It’s a crime to burn the American flag. That’s how much we respect our American flag.”

For the record, none of the other four Outnumbered panelists corrected the mistake.

Also for the record, the Secret Service told website The Hill that one person was arrested for felony assault on a police officer and for malicious burning, and the other was busted for obstructing a police investigation and resisting arrest.

Watch video of the ruckus in D.C. here:

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