‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ Snares $580M Global In First 10 Days, Nears $400M Offshore – International Box Office

Spider-Man: Far From Home

SUNDAY UPDATE, writethru After rolling out in China, Japan and Hong Kong last weekend and then adding most of the world throughout this week, Sony/Marvel’s Spider-Man: Far From Home continues to spread the arachnomania. The full global cume through today is estimated at $580M including $395M at the international box office. The current weekend was worth $238M from all overseas markets combined.

Well-reviewed, sporting an Avengers: Endgame halo and swinging in after a series of recent underperformers, FFH shattered Sony’s all-time opening records in 35 markets including Korea, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, India, Indonesia, Taiwan and Vietnam.

The reteam for director Jon Watts and star Tom Holland is now playing in 66 offshore hubs and was No. 1 this weekend in 63 of those. In the like-for-likes and at today’s exchange rates, the webslinger is running 15% ahead of his fellow Avenger, Captain Marvel, and 46% over his previous solo outing, Spider-Man: Homecoming.

In China, FFH now counts $167.4M after a roughly 69% drop from opening as new local title, The White Storm 2: Drug Lords, came out to play in the top spot. Behind Endgame, FFH is now the 2nd biggest studio movie of 2019 in the Middle Kingdom.

The Top 5 markets after China are rounded out by Korea ($33.8M), UK ($17.8M), Mexico ($13.9M) and Australia ($11.9M).

Meanwhile, Disney/Pixar’s Toy Story 4 is now the highest grossing animated movie ever in Latin America, notably overtaking Coco in Mexico with a massive $60.1M. The global cume after a $43.1M 3rd overseas weekend is now $650M including $343.4M abroad. Japan and Germany have not opened yet. Disney’s Aladdin saw big increases in some markets this frame, after it passed $900M on Friday worldwide. The global total is currently $921.7M with $600.9M from international.

Next weekend, Disney’s The Lion King takes pride of place in China, bowing there July 12 ahead of most of the rest of international (and domestic) the following session. Spider-Man will shed screens when Simba gets to the Middle Kingdom, but has another clear-runway frame ahead elsewhere.

Breakdowns on this week’s films above and more have been updated below.


Spider-Man: Far From Home
Spider-Man fans swung up to multiplexes in 66 offshore markets to see Far From Home this session, pulling a tidy $238M into Sony’s web. The international box office cume is now $395M.

Given the percentage increases on FFH versus 2017’s Homecoming (+46%) and this year’s Captain Marvel (+15%), the film also looks like it played more broadly and got extra overlap business from Avengers fans than it might have otherwise — particularly since this is the first Marvel title to release post Endgame.

After getting off to a great early start in China last weekend (as well as Japan and Hong Kong), phase 2 of international rollout began on Monday in Australia and carried on through to Spain which bowed on Friday. The launch outside of the three original markets came in higher than pre-opening projections, as European vacation Spidey played well throughout.

The strength of Toy Story 4 (and the Copa America match) in Latin America somewhat dampened Spidey’s trip there, but Mexico toppled Sony’s all-time record for biggest opening with $13.9M, and Spain had a good start with what should continue to be strong weekday play.

Despite some concerns going into Korea in the wake of Homecoming’s overperformance there, the FFH launch was terrific with the 4th biggest ever for a Hollywood movie at $33.8M.

In China, the arrival of a new local film (and there haven’t been many of those this summer) was a draw for audiences and screens, putting The White Storm 2 in the No. 1 position for the weekend. However, vacations start tomorrow and Spidey should have good pull during the week before The Lion Kings strides in on Friday. The current cume in the Middle Kingdom is $167.4M which makes FFH the No. 2 superhero movie of the year.

Behind China, the Top 5 markets are made up of Korea ($33.8M), UK ($17.8M), Mexico ($13.9M) and Australia ($11.9M). 

Regionally, FFH made $78.7M in Asia with all new openings landing at No. 1. This was a franchise record in the region where Indonesia kicked off to $9.6M, making it the 4th biggest bow ever. Other notable starts include: India ($7.9M), Taiwan ($6.2M), Philippines ($5.7M) and Malaysia ($4.9M).
Western Europe hubs were all No. 1s for a regional total of $48.2M, which is 45% ahead of Homecoming. France, which benefitted from one day of the annual Fête du Cinéma promotion, was the best starter at $8.3M for the 3rd biggest opening of the year. Germany, which doesn’t typically lean into younger skewing capes & spandex pics made $5.5M and Spain grabbed $4.8M.    
The Middle East bowed to $7.8M total, led by UAE with $3.1M.

Holds in Japan (-44%) and Hong Kong (-38%) were good. The former now has $17.3M in the backpack and the latter $8.7M.  

In IMAX, FFH snared $29.1M globally in the frame to become the format’s best July bow ever (not including last weekend’s already record-breaking openings in China, Japan and Hong Kong). This is also Sony’s best IMAX start. Offshore this weekend, FFH took $14.1M from 1,017 screens. Records were set for the Spider-Man franchise in a number of markets including Mexico, India, Korea, Malaysia, Belgium, Israel and Denmark. The IMAX cume through Sunday is $14.1M international and $44M worldwide.

Also notable, 4DX has done 1.3M admissions and $15.6M in box office gross at 644 locations in 64 markets since opening.

As mentioned above, FFH broke Sony’s all-time opening records in 35 markets. They are: Argentina, Bahrain, Bolivia, Brazil, Cambodia, Central America, Chile, Colombia, Djibouti, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Israel, Kuwait, Malaysia, Mexico, Oman, Pakistan, Paraguay, Philippines, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Trinidad & Tobago, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Uruguay, and Vietnam.
Italy is the final market to join the adventure and gets swingin’ this coming Wednesday.


This was the 3rd weekend outing for the toys, and they added $43.1M in 45 material markets for an international cume of $343.4M. Worldwide, the fourquel is at $650M.

Folks are feeling the love for Forky, particularly in Latin America where Disney/Pixar’s TS4 has become the biggest animated movie ever for the region. In Mexico, it has grossed $60.1M, topping previous champ Coco to be the No. 1 animated title of all time. There are long weekend holidays ahead in Brazil and Argentina which will keep the midweek robust.

In the UK, TS4 is the 3rd biggest movie of the year at $44.8M and held No. 2 this session behind Spidey.

Notable holds elsewhere included Uruguay (+149%), Netherlands (+4%), Israel (-16%), Australia (-17%), Belgium (-17%), Brazil (-27%), France (-35%) and Spain (-37%).

The Top 5 markets to date, before Japan and Germany even get a look-in, are Mexico ($60.1M), UK ($44.8M), China ($27.6M), Brazil ($22M) and Korea ($20.4M).


Courtesy of Universal Pictures
Illumination/Universal’s Pets 2 opened in China this weekend, landing in the wake of Spider-Man and local pic The White Storm 2 with $11M from 21,310 theaters. The Douban score on the sequel is a 7.1 with Maoyan at a good 9, but Hollywood animation rarely over-indexes in the Middle Kingdom.

The full international weekend was $22.4M in 54 markets. The offshore total is now $121.7M for $262.5M global.

Holds on the thriftily-budgeted follow-up this session were good in places like Germany (-27%/$5.8M cume), Australia (-20%/$7.8M cume) and more. Russia leads all play at $23.8M followed by the UK with $23M. There are still five majors to come throughout the summer.


In 69 offshore markets, New Line/Warner Bros’ doll took in an additional $20.4M across the sophomore session. The overseas cume is now $84.6M, and the worldwide total is $134.8M.  
Openings included in Italy, Germany and Hong Kong. The former had a strong No. 1 with $1.6M on 420 screens to surpass all other Conjuring titles save The Nun. In Germany, Annabelle did $1.4M on 395 screens to rank No. 3 and about on par with Annabelle: Creation. Hong Kong grossed $792K on 55 screens to land No. 2 and roughly even with The Nun.

Mexico leads all play with $12.1M after two frames, followed by Indonesia ($8M), India ($4.3M), Brazil ($4.2M) and Russia ($3.4M).
More markets are on deck with France, the UK and Spain this week and Japan in September.

Aladdin Disney
Seven weekends in and Aladdin is still granting wishes. With another $16.2M in 55 material markets this session, the surprise of the summer has cumed $600.9M internationally and $921.7M global. The Will Smith-starrer had on Friday crossed the nine-century mark.

As we’ve seen recently, there were weekend increases in some markets. This time around they include Denmark (+64%), Sweden (+34%), Germany (+11%) and Netherlands (+11%) while small drops were see in Belgium (-9%), Japan (-21%), Australia (-28%), Hong Kong (-29%), Spain (-33%), Korea (-36%) and France (-38%)

The To 5 markets are now Japan ($79.2M), Korea ($66.9M), China ($53.3M), UK ($43.8) and Mexico ($32.3M).


Himesh Patel as Jack Malik in “Yesterday,” directed by Danny Boyle. Universal Pictures
Seven new markets opened on Universal and Danny Boyle’s music fantasy this weekend, adding $7.9M across a total 35. The offshore cume to date is now $20.1M for $57M global.

France bowed to $1.33M at 398 locations and in 4th place while Spain opened at No. 3 with $1M from 373 locations and tracking above Baby Driver and Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.

The UK in its sophomore session dropped by just 25% to lift the cume to $7M. Holds in Australia (-30%) and the Netherlands (+9%) were also great with respective cubes of $5M and $965K.

There are still several major markets on deck including Germany, China, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, Korea, Italy and Japan.


John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum (LGF): $1.8M intl weekend (69 markets); $146M intl cume ($311.3M global)
Men In Black: International (SNY): $3.7M intl weekend (65 markets); $172.5M intl cume ($244.5M global)
Rocketman (PAR): $1.5M intl weekend (44 markets); $84.7M intl cume ($174M global)
Avengers: Endgame (DIS): $1.3M intl weekend (40 markets); $1,924.6M intl cume ($2,772.5M global)

PREVIOUS, FRIDAY: As its trajectory continues to swing higher, Sony/Marvel’s Spider-Man: Far From Home has grossed $218.5M from the international box office through Thursday. Along with this week’s firecracker domestic debut, the global running total is now $310M, getting there in just seven days and as the film is on its way to around $575M worldwide through Sunday.

The Jon Watts-directed sequel got going early in China, Japan and Hong Kong last weekend. As it enters the second frame, each of those remain in the Top 5 grossing hubs so far, while Korea, the UK, France, Russia, Germany, Mexico and Brazil, among others, have come into the web during the week. Tracking is significantly above Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Through Thursday, China leads all play at $136.8M. Not included is the Friday estimate which lifts the local cume to $144.7M. The film will surpass Captain Marvel this weekend in the Middle Kingdom, although it is facing competition from local opener The White Storm 2. That’s the first local title to gain any traction in what has been a dismal few weeks for Chinese movies as at least three potential hits were abruptly pulled from schedules.

The Top 5 through yesterday is rounded out by Japan ($12.9M), Korea ($12M — Korea’s Friday estimate brings it up to $16.8M), the UK ($7.2M) and Hong Kong ($6.6M).

In the mid-week, South East Asia opened 46% ahead of Spider-Man: Homecoming with Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand making $5.2M in their debuts. The cume across those markets is $9.2M through Thursday.

Taiwan notably debuted on Wednesday to $1.25M, 41% over Homecoming and scoring the second highest total for a standalone superhero. The cume through Thursday is $2.1M.

India opened to $1.8M which is the top launch day for a non-holiday Thursday and 33% ahead of Homecoming.

France’s Wednesday debut of $2.5M ($3.7M cume through Thursday) is 37% over Homecoming and Germany’s $1M Thursday ($1.7M cume including previews) is 27% ahead of the previous picture.

Russia launched to $2.8M, 30% ahead of SMH; the UAE topped it by 33% with $1.1M on opening day.

In Latin America, Mexico and Brazil snared the best July opening days ever with $3M (+30% on SMH) and $2.2M (+21%) respectively.

Spain releases today while Italy goes July 10.

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