Fox Business Host Lou Dobbs Draws Backlash For Calling U.S. Generals “Snowflakes”

Lou Dobbs

Fox Business host Lou Dobbs has drawn a swift backlash on social media after he slammed U.S. generals who criticized Donald Trump’s Independence Day celebration.

“No wonder these Snowflake Generals haven’t won a war since 1991,” Dobbs tweeted. His comment was in response to a CNN report saying that military chiefs and Pentagon officials were concerned that Trump’s event, which includes displays of M1 tanks and other military weaponry, was becoming too politicized. Participation in the event could be in violation of Defense Department guidelines, which require uniformed military personnel to refrain from participating in political activity.

VoteVets, a progressive veterans advocacy group, noted that Dobbs had never served in combat. “Fox talking head @LouDobbs called military leaders “snowflakes”, although he’s never served in uniform himself. We called him out for it,” the group tweeted.

Charles Pierce, a political blogger, wrote “Insane Man Has Thoughts”, adding a newspaper-style headline to Dobb’s tweet.

Trump has faced criticism for his decision to transform the annual Washington, D.C. 4th of July festivities into a multimillion-dollar spectacle, complete with Bradley fighting vehicles, two 60-ton Army Abrams battle tanks, fireworks and a presidential address in front of the Lincoln Memorial. Sitting presidents do not usually take part in the D.C. July 4 celebration, which is intended to be a completely nonpartisan event.

Trump supporters say he is showing patriotism and celebrating America, including its military greatness. His critics have accused the Administration of turning a taxpayer-funded, nonpolitical event into a reelection rally for a divisive commander in chief.

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