Mad Magazine May Be Nearing Its End, As Writers, Editors Tweet Sad News


For decades, Mad mascot Alfred E. Neuman took on the world with a cheerful, “What, Me Worry?” But judging from today’s social media reaction, he may have cause for concern.

Writers, editors and others affiliated with the long-running humor magazine took to social media today to lament the apparent passing of a publication that served as the introduction to satire for many. Mad is now owned by DC, which has shuttered a few titles recently and is reorganizing under three specific brands. Some contributors (aka “the usual gang of idiots”) alluded to an email that was sent out informing them of the shuttering, but details remained elusive for the general population.

It may simply be that Mad outlived its cultural significance. It was recently in the news when Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg was compared to Alfred E. Neuman by President Donald Trump. Buttigieg claimed not to get the reference at first.

Mad launched in 1952 as an EC Comic under editor Harvey Kurtzman and publisher William Gaines. It became a magazine in 1955, and spawned a line of paperback anthologies and a TV show. It was known for such regular features as Dave Berg Looks At The USA and Spy Vs. Spy.

DC said two weeks ago that it will be marketing its content under three labels, DC Kids, DC and DC Black Label, starting January 2020.

No official word from DC or Mad has been made yet.

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