President Donald Trump Sets Rally For Evening Of Robert Mueller’s Congress Appearance

President Donald Trump Twitter

President Donald Trump knows how to counter-program. On the same day former special counsel Robert Mueller is testifying before the House Judiciary and Intelligence committees, Trump will hold a campaign rally in North Carolina.

The president will visit Greenville, NC on July 17 to whip up enthusiasm in a key 2020 battleground state. Trump won there by about 3.5 points in the 2016 election.

“President Trump looks forward to returning to North Carolina and sharing the successes of the Trump presidency,” said a campaign release. “North Carolina has one of the hottest economies in the nation, and that is directly attributable to the pro-growth, deregulatory policies of this administration. With one of the largest military populations in the nation, President Trump is eager to talk directly to the military men and women who have made this country the greatest on earth,” he added.

While Mueller has vowed to stick to what’s in his report, Trump will have the opportunity at the July 17 rally to address any discrepancies in Mueller’s testimony.

“Robert Mueller is being asked to testify yet again. He said he could only stick to the Report, & that is what he would and must do. After so much testimony & total transparency, this Witch Hunt must now end. No more Do Overs. No Collusion, No Obstruction. The Great Hoax is dead!” Trump tweeted on Tuesday morning.

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