Nike-Triggered Joe Scarborough Tweets Epic Vent Against “Woke Democrats”


MSNBC’s Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough says he broke “every rule” he made for himself on Twitter today by posting a six-tweet “venting” in which he beseeched “woke Democrats” to “refrain from blowing themselves up politically and re-electing Trump.”

What set him off? Betsy Ross and Nike, apparently. His first post of the morning (this, in a week when he and co-host Mika Brzezinski are away from the show) was:

“The Betsy Ross flag is now a symbol of White Nationalism and slavery? Not defiance against a distant monarchy? Really, Nike? PC madness is accelerating just in time for 2020. Trump feeds on your reflexive Wokeness. Great job, everybody.”

Then (and you can see the actual tweets below, but just in case Scarborough follows through with his pledge to delete, we’ll transcribe them here verbatim):

“Democratic candidates, you now support:

(1) universal health care for illegal immigrants,
(2) making illegally crossing America’s borders legal, and,
(3) a return to forced busing.

Do you also now support the banning of the Betsy Ross flag from public places?



“Let me disabuse Woke Democrats of the notion that I expect them to adjust their beliefs and strategies to suit former Republicans. But I do want them to refrain from blowing themselves up politically and re-electing Trump.”

From there, he continued:

“But y’all be y’all and lose another election to Trump that you should have won. And start by continuing to fight those who want him beaten just as badly.”


“I started going to the White House and working around presidents and prime ministers at an early age. I led a coup to drive Gingrich out as speaker in my 30s and spent time around leaders I greatly respected. Trump never rated with those leaders. Thrilled? Not even close.”


“Stop setting yourself on fire. Just beat Trump.”


“I don’t ride tigers. Fear not. I don’t get eaten.”


“Enough venting. I have broken every rule I made for myself on Twitter. I’m now going to delete these tweets over the past hour and tell those who I’ve gone back and forth with that we all want to vote Trump out of office next year. Everything else is a distraction. #BeatTrump”

Speaking of distractions, ride tigers?

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