‘The Room’s Tommy Wiseau And Greg Sestero Travel The Galaxy In Animated Pilot ‘SpaceWorld’

Courtesy of Octopie

Filmmakers and actors Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero are going from the confines of the cult hit The Room to intergalactic adventures in the new animated pilot SpaceWorld.

Wiseau and Sestero are lending their voice to the loosely serialized animated sci-fi series. Wiseau stars as the mysterious bounty hunter known as TX, a man in search of his home planet, which he knows absolutely nothing about. Sestero’s Drogol is TX’s lifelong nemesis and SpaceWorld’s most bloodthirsty killer. Together, they explore and explode SpaceWorld’s vast but dingy universe of limitless possibilities, technologies, and stupidities.

The self-aware pilot describes itself as a sci-fi series that “takes down its hair, kicks off its boots, and lets itself be straight-up dumb.” The new project comes two years after the critically acclaimed film The Disaster Artist directed by James Franco and written by Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber. The film was an adaptation of Sestero and Tom Bissell’s 2013 non-fiction book of the same name which put a spotlight on the production of Wiseau’s aforementioned so-bad-that-it’s-good cult film The Room from 2003.

The pilot also stars Georgia Smith (Worfus), Brock LaBorde (Computer Person), Akul Dang (Sherbert Brown) and Mikey Felton (Bleebee). SpaceWorld is created by Brock LaBorde and distributed by Octopie.

Watch the pilot below.

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