Podcasts From Lesley Arfin & Margaret Cho Lead Debut Slate Of Earios, Network Co-Founded By Former WME Comedy Agent Priyanka Mattoo


Podcasts from talent including Love creator Lesley Arfin, Margaret Cho, Glow’s Kimmy Gatewood and The Good Place’s Rebecca Delgado form the inaugural slate for female-focused podcast network Earios.

Earios was set up by former UTA and WME comedy agent Priyanka Mattoo, who also ran Electric Dynamite with Jack Black, Maria Blasucci, star of HBO’s Family Tree and Amanda Lund, who has appeared on series including Fresh Off The Boat and New Girl.

Last year, the company successfully raised money through a Kickstarter campaign and secured enough to launch 12 shows this year. It has also partnered with podcast company Acast to launch the slate, which will launch three shows at the start of July and will run new shows every couple of weeks.

It is designed to produce female-fronted podcasts after Lund and Blasucci, who previously hosted their own independent shows, failed to find podcast companies run by women even though over 30% of shows are hosted or co-hosted by women and women make up half of podcast listeners.

Full details of shows below.


“It was important to us to find a partner like Acast who also believes in bringing female voices to the forefront,” said Mattoo. “They’re as excited about the slate as we are – and they’ve been our greatest champions.”

“All the podcasts I listen to are spread out among some awesome networks, but there wasn’t one that really spoke to Maria’s or my sensibilities and that felt like we were part of that community,” said Lund. “Maria and I also have spent years being beholden to gatekeepers as actors and writers. We knew that we had to carve out a space for ourselves and our fellow amazing women creators as we noticed podcasting becoming more like film and TV so creating Earios scratches this itch.”

“Nearly all of the networks that host, develop and promote popular shows are run by men. So, a lot of content pitched by women is not bought or promoted. We wanted to make it easier for women to share their ideas with a like-minded community,” added Mattoo. “I have to admit that, while I love working with Amanda and Maria, and I love to help women achieve their creative dreams, the baby girl in my belly played no small part. I felt compelled to make this happen, for her.”

Earios Slate:

Filling the Void hosted by Lesley Arfin, creator of Netflix series Love, talks to her eclectic group of friends about the things they do for pure, simple joy. Did you know Diablo Cody is a roller coaster fanatic? Or that Kate Berlant is obsessed with making sourdough bread? You might call these hobbies – Lesley calls them filling the void.

Foxy Browns hosted by Camilla Blackett and Mattoo. Mattoo and Camilla Blackett (New Girl) will explore what beauty and wellness means from their perspectives as women of color and immigrants. Some days they’re ranking eye creams, others they’re deconstructing Western beauty standards.

Web Crawlers hosted by Melissa Stetten & Ali Segel. Social Media stars Melissa Stetten and Ali Segel go down an internet rabbit hole to explore the strange and mysterious world of the dark web. From hauntings to murders to unexplainable disappearances, these internet sleuths will leave no message board unread.

The Big Ones hosted by Blasucci and Lund, who discuss life’s biggest moral dilemmas. The questions can be complicated but they’re always fun to discuss because they force you to look deep, inside yourself. Will you like what you see?

The Margaret Cho. Each week comedy icon Cho interviews one celebrity you know and love, and one person she believes is the next big thing.

Pleasure Studies. In this impressionistic podcast that accompanies her upcoming album and tour, indie pop darling Feist strings together interviews with professional athletes, new mothers, artists, and even polyamorous pornography performers wherein they examine facets of modern 
life. This podcast dares us to ask larger questions about how we overcome loss, define partnerships and let go of pain.

Mother of All Shows.
 Hosted by actor/director Kimmy Gatewood (Glow), this hybrid of investigative journalism, comedy, and thought-provoking interviews will shine a light on what it’s like to be a modern parent. From breastfeeding to work-life balance, this podcast will educate, challenge, and entertain you.

The Alarmist. Actor/writer Rebecca Delgado (The Good Place) sits down with a guest to analyze and scrutinize history’s greatest disasters, from the sinking of the Titanic to the break-up of The Beatles, to find out what went wrong and who is to blame. (It wasn’t Yoko.)

Sex for Money. You know Aasha Davis from hit shows like Friday Night Lights and Drunk History, but what you don’t know is that she loves to talk about sex. Aasha hosts this fun and lighthearted game show centered around demystifying our sexual experiences. Each week two contestants play educational yet ridiculous games in hopes of winning a cash prize.

Spermcast. Actor, writer, and comedian, Molly Hawkey wants a baby. The only problem is she’s 39, single, and not exactly ready for motherhood. So she’s on a quest – a quest for a sperm donor, and a quest for some personal growth. Each week you’ll hear interviews with potential donors, but she’ll also seek guidance from the pros: doctors, financial advisors, tarot card readers…whatever it takes. By the end of this series, if all goes according to plan, she’ll find her donor and inseminate herself.

We Need to Talk about Britney. What does it mean to be famous? What about Britney Spears famous? Do you find yourself comparing each moment of your own life to each moment of Britney’s life? Because even if you’ve never shaved your own head while the paparazzi watched from the barbershop window, we’ve all been there. Join writer and actress, Jen Zaborowski as she sits down with guests to break down Britney’s life and works all while trying to figure out why Jen’s so obsessed with Britney Spears. Sometimes we just need to talk about Britney.

The Complete Christmas. Amanda Lund brings 1960’s love and marriage expert Marabel May to life in the highly-produced audio fiction series, The Complete Woman. This Christmas, Marabel May is back to enforce her suffocating rules of conduct on your holiday celebration. As if you weren’t on the verge of a breakdown already.

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