President Donald Trump Tweetstorm – The Saturday Edition

Donald Trump hosts The Apprentice
Courtesy MGM Television

It took a while for President Donald Trump to get into the flow of his weekend Twitter communications. The reason was understandable, though, and golf can’t be blamed this time.

Instead, the Commander-in-Tweet was busy winging from Osaka, Japan and the G-20 Summit to South Korea, where he’s meeting our allies and may journey to the DMZ to shake hands with North Korean Chairman Kim Jong-un in a grip and grin session.

The Twitter reports were upbeat from Trump. The trade tariffs war with China was apparently toned  down at the G-20, even as some pundits raised a skeptical eye on the benefits of doing that. For now, tariffs remain in place while negotiations continue. The Chinese will buy more agricultural products, and telecommunications giant Huawei will be allowed to continue to infiltrate…er, do business with American tech firms.

We’ll keep an eye on the late tweetstorm as more rolls in. The posts so far:


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