‘The Late Show With Stephen Colbert’ Sees Kamala Harris Admit Impeachment Is Unlikely

AP Images

Senator Kamala Harris proved to be one of the biggest winners of this week’s Democratic debates. Her memorable line about food fights not being what the American people wanted – which shut down a shouting scrum – brought order to chaos and stamped her presence among those unfamiliar with her style.

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert revisited an earlier moment with her in the glow of that victory. During her interview, he asked her whether a potential impeachment of President Donald Trump is still on the table.

“I have no reason to believe on the Senate side that they will do the right thing,” said Harris.

Given that, Colbert pressed, is it worth it to press for it?

“Part of the value is preserving the concept of our democracy,” Harris said, later contending that “… this president has, in fact, obstructed justice and violated the law. We should fight for that. The reality is that the Senate will probably not vote to impeach him. Which means he will prance around and say, witch hunt, witch hunt.”

Watch the segment below.

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