President Trump Jeers Dem Debaters, Snipes At “Sleepy Joe” And “Crazy Bernie” – Update

Donald Trump
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UPDATE, with morning tweet President Donald Trump couldn’t resist an additional observation about the second Democratic debate, getting in two of his go-to nicknames after what he “heard” was “not a good day” for Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders.

“I am in Japan at the G-20, representing our Country well, but I heard it was not a good day for Sleepy Joe or Crazy Bernie. One is exhausted, the other is nuts – so what’s the big deal?” (See the tweet below.)

Though Trump claimed to be “representing our Country well” at the G20, he has already stirred up controversy with his joshing demeanor over Russia’s meddling in U.S. elections and accusations of “fake news.”

The second Democratic debate in as many nights featured another 10 presidential hopefuls on stage at the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts in Miami, Florida, and like the previous night it was clear the NBC broadcast audience included the current occupant of the White House.

“All Democrats just raised their hands for giving millions of illegal aliens unlimited healthcare,” Trump tweeted 37 minutes into the debate that aired on NBC, MSNBC, and Telemundo. “How about taking care of American citizens first!?”

The leader of the free world then punctuated the jeering tweet by claiming victory in next year’s election with the social media equivalent of a mic drop. “That’s the end of that race!”

Trump was watching the spirited South Florida debate from distant Osaka where he was facing a thicket of thorny trade issues and sour-faced  leaders at the G20 conference. It’s a high stakes summit for Trump but the Commander-in-Chief is a brawler when it comes to reputation fights so his despite the long flight to Japan he was tuned-in for the debate action.

Shortly after his mid-debate tweet, the traveling president made a conference appearance with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and used the opportunity to carried on with his critique of the opposition debate in distant Dade County, Florida.

“I look forward to spending time with you rather than watching the debate, I saw that health care and maximum health care was given to 100 percent of the illegal immigrants coming into our country by the Democrats,” Trump told pool reporters. “Unfortunately, they didn’t discuss what they’re giving to American citizens. That’s not a good thing…they had the first debate last night. It wasn’t very exciting. I can tell you that,’

And, no surprise, it turns out the Democrats also view the president as an ongoing disappointment. The debaters took shots at each other but by far their most frequent target was the GOP incumbent, who the Dem hopefuls essentially described as the country’s longest-lasting natural disaster.

“Donald Trump has put us in a horrible situation,” former Vice President Joe Biden said early on. Bernie Sanders made it personal a few minutes later: “Trump is a phony and a pathological liar and a racist.” The fiery Vermont senator roared at times and sounded like an outraged criminal prosecutor making closing arguments rather than a candidate auditioning for the middle ground. Sanders said the ouster of Trump would be accomplished by if the Dems simply “expose him for the fraud that he is.”

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