‘The Late Show With Stephen Colbert’ Zaps The ‘Español-Off’ Of Dem Debates

By Bruce Haring, Dade Hayes


Stephen Colbert, who has more live shows under his belt than any other late-night host, offered a low-key, sardonic monologue recapping debate night. He said the lineup on stage could be boiled down to “Beto, Corey Booker, Elisabeth Warren … and seven people angling for MSNBC shows.”

The host picked up on the flare-ups of conflict during the night, such as when Jay Inslee cut in on Elizabeth Warren.

“Nothing like interrupting a woman to tell everyone you care about the rights of women. Thank you, governor!”

He ribbed Tim Ryan and Tulsi Gabbard for feuding over Afghanistan. “Please, don’t fight,” Colbert mock-pleaded. “You’re both not going to be president.”

Ryan also took the prize for “best clip that sounds like it should have been bleeped,” Colbert jabbed after the Congressman said China is “wiping us around the world.”

Colbert then feasted on the unexpected bits of Spanish spoken by Beto O’Rourke and Corey Booker.

After a clip showing the New Jersey senator’s rolling-R performance, Colbert joked, “Booker took Beto’s Spanish and raised him mucho mas!” He went on, “Oh, snap! It is on. It is an Español-off! Or, as they say in Spanish, grupo des idiotas.”

O’Rourke, Colbert cracked, sounded like an “embarrassing dad at a Mexican restaurant.” Closed-captioning translated the passages in Spanish as merely “speaking foreign language.”

It was a relatively quiet night on Twitter for the Late Show, but it did have two tweets:

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