Make-Up Artists & Hair Stylists Set 2020 Awards Date

The Make-Up Artists & Hair Stylists Guild said Wednesday that it will hold its 2020 awards ceremony on Saturday, January 11. That’s more than a month earlier than this year’s awards show honoring achievements in motion pictures, television, commercials, and live theater, owing to the compressed movie awards season fueled by the Oscars’ own move three weeks up the calendar.

No location has been announced yet for the ceremony. Nominations will be announced November 11.

Last year’s awards from IATSE Local 706 bestowed wins on the likes of Vice, which went on to win the Academy Award in the category.

Here’s the full timeline unveiled Wednesday:

July 9
Lifetime Achievement Awards nominees announced

August 13
Lifetime Achievement Awards voting begins

September 16
Lifetime Achievement Awards winners announced

September 23
Online submission begins of qualified entries to guild awards

October 23
Submissions close for entries to guild awards (5 PM PT)

October 28
Nominations voting begins atĀ

November 8
Nominations voting closes (5 PM PT)

November 11
Nominations announced

December 3
Final voting begins

January 3
Final voting closes (5 PM PT)

January 11
Winners announced at MUAHS Guild Awards gala

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