‘Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge’ Plagued By Free Souvenir Hunters, eBay Resellers

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge
'Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run' in 'Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge' at Disneyland Todd Wawrychuk/Disney Parks

The Star Wars film universe had the Trade Federation. But Disneyland’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge apparently has the Theft Federation, as customers flocking to the major attraction are apparently helping themselves to anything branded from the park to sell as ersatz souvenirs.

Barely open a month, and only recently opened to the public, Galaxy’s Edge has already spawned a growing underground market in unauthorized park “collectibles.” The drink coasters at Oga’s Cantina are one popular item. Maps of Galaxy’s Edge are also appearing on trading posts online, as are eatery Docking Bay 7 sporks, a combination of fork and spoon.

The going price for an Oga’s Cantina coaster is $10. The prized coasters are emblazoned with sayings written in Aurebesh, a Star Wars language. Also disappearing at the park but reappearing online are the postcard-like cards from the Oga’s Cantina virtual queue, and the color-coded flight crew cards visitors receive when they ride the Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run attraction. The latter was drawing $20 apiece online. The menus for Oga’s Cantina are particularly valued, being sold for $40.

Disney has not yet commented on the smugglers, but park employees are taking some steps to curtail the freebies, such as collecting menus more quickly when orders are placed.

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