Ian Ziering’s ‘Zombie Tidal Wave’ Movie To Premiere As Part Of Syfy’s “Off The Deep End Weekend”

Ian Ziering
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Zombie Tidal Wave, a new Syfy original movie starring and produced by Ian Ziering (Sharknado), is set to premiere as part of Syfy’s shark-themed Off The Deep End weekend, Saturday, August 17 at 9 PM.

The movie is the first project under the production pact between Ian Ziering’s I.Man Productions and Darby Parker’s Stronghold Entertainment. The feature stars Ziering and was directed by Ziering’s frequent collaborator Anthony C. Ferrante who helmed all six of Ziering’s Sharknado‘s film installments.

Ziering and Parker see this as the first of many installments where we follow lead Hunter Shaw (Ziering) as he contends with the ocean-borne outbreak which threatens his seaside island community, the rogue, veteran sailor leading a disparate group of locals to uncover the origins of the undead pandemic while battling the growing horde of infected before it can reach the mainland.

Shot on location in Krabi, Thailand in collaboration with Benetone Films, the film was financed by Piguant Pictures and The Wonderfilm Media Corporation, Wonderfilm’s Kirk Shaw and Imprint Entertainment’s Michael Becker also serving as producers on the film.

Ziering and Parker produce from an original story by Ziering and Thunder Levin, and a script by Parker, Ferrante and Josh LeBlanc.

Zombie Tidal Wave
will air as part of Syfy’s Off the Deep End weekend August 17 and August 18, featuring all of your favorite shark movies including Sharknado, Sharknado 2, 3, 4 and 5, The Last Sharknado: It’s About Time, Zombie Shark, Sharktopus, Sharktopus vs. Pteracuda, Atomic Shark, Dam Sharks, 5-Headed Shark, 6-Headed Shark, Frenzy and Megalodon.

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