‘Annabelle Comes Home’ Now Heading To $28M In 5-Day Opening

Annabelle Comes Home
New Line

UPDATE, THURSDAY AM: New Line’s Annabelle Comes Home made $7.2M in its opening Wednesday, close to 50% of that was made in its Tuesday preview. 5-day opening is now figured to be around $28M, down from the $30M-$35M some were spotting. Annabelle 3‘s Wednesday is less than The First Purge‘s $9.3M a year,  but keep in mind that movie hit screens on July 4. 3-day for Annabelle is figured to be around $15M-$16M.

Annabelle 3 cost an estimated $27M before P&A.

Exits aren’t strong for Annabelle 3 with a B- CinemaScore, down from Annabelle and Annabelle: Creation‘s B grades. PostTrak has 2 1/2 stars and a 42% recommend with females over 25 (22%) giving it the best grades at 68%. Some believe that with those types of exits, Annabelle 3 should have just simply opened on a Friday in order to bulk up its grosses more. Annabelle Creation had 4 stars in its Posttrak and a 56% definite recommend. Annabelle 3 has 42% definite recommend. Leading demos are females under 25 (29%), males under 25 (25%), males over 25 (24%) and females over 25 (22%). Females under 25 had a strong turnout on Creation at 32%.

Annabelle 3 was the second ranked pic on Wednesday after Disney/Pixar’s Toy Story 4 which grossed an estimated $12M, -41% from Tuesday with a running 6-day total of $167.6M. Disney’s Aladdin was 3rd with $1.7M and a running total in the middle of its 5th week of $294.8M.

Tonight Universal/Working Title’s Yesterday begins previews at 7PM.

PREVIOUS, WEDNESDAY 7:34AM: New Line’s Annabelle Comes Home raked in $3.5M in its Tuesday night previews that began at 6PM, which is higher than both Conjuring pics’ previews (which respectively earned $3.3M and $3.4M). Industry projections believe that Annabelle Comes Home will file between $30M-$35M in its five-day run. By comparison, Blumhouse/Universal’s The First Purge made $31.2M in its first five days a year ago. Gary Dauberman’s feature directorial debut plays in 3,525 theaters today and tomorrow and jumps to 3,587 on Friday.

That figure is higher than the previews for the first Annabelle ($2.1M), The Conjuring producers’ production Curse of La Llorona ($2.8M), the $2.5M Tuesday night preview of First Purge, and just under Purge 3: Election Year ($3.6M). Annabelle Comes Home‘s Tuesday night is also under Annabelle Creation‘s Thursday night of $4M and The Nun‘s $5.4M (the latter being the biggest opener in The Conjuring universe and top earner as well at $365.6M).

Like Blumhouse’s last two Purges pics, Warner Bros. is looking to meet the Independence Day holiday stretch’s need for genre, and at the same time, get ahead of Sony’s Spider-Man: Far From Home which will take up most of next week’s business. Hopefully business isn’t entirely front-loaded which is typical for a horror pic. PostTrak is currently two stars out of five for Annabelle Comes Home with leading demos being and men and women under 25 (at 27% each), females over 25 (23%) and Men over 25 (22%).


Meanwhile, among regular films in release, Disney/Pixar’s Toy Story 4 rang up an estimated $20.9M at 4,575 theaters, +48% from Monday and taking its five-day total to $155.96M. Among all Tuesdays for an animated movie, that’s the third best behind Pixar’s Incredibles 2 ($27.05M) and Finding Dory ($23.1M) and ahead of Illumination/Universal’s Sing ($17.5M on Dec. 27).

Universal is also getting ahead of Spider-Man: Far From Home with its musical romance Working Title pic Yesterday with Thursday previews starting at 7PM. Analysts believe the pic should make between $10M-$14M in a weekend dominated by Toy Story 4 with $60M-$70M.

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