California Vaccination Bill Opposed By Jessica Biel Is Passed


A California legislative committee has voted to tighten the state’s school immunization requirements, a move that has drawn criticism from anti-vaccination advocates.

The state Assembly Health Committee passed a much-amended Senate Bill 276 by a 9-2 vote. Actress Jessica Biel was among those who have lobbied against the measure, but to no apparent avail. She later claimed not to be anti-vaccination, but was opposing the bill because it affected a close friend’s family.

It now goes to the Assembly Appropriations Committee for action.

California requires certain immunizations to attend public and private schools or day care. Doctors can excuse a child from the requirements, but lawmakers have contended that some physicians have been too generous with exemptions.

SB 276 requires the California Dept. of Health to review any child’s medical exemption if they attend a school or day care with immunization rates of less than 95%.  The DOH would also review exemptions of certain doctors if they grant five or more exemptions in a year.

Actress Kristen Bell and actor husband Dax Shepard noted their support of the bill via Twitter.


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