President Donald Trump Plans To Be Around For A While, Twitter Video Indicates

Donald Trump
John Raoux/AP/Shutterstock

Democrats are already vowing to stop four more years of Donald Trump. But are they ready for 20 more years?  30 more years?  How about a Trump influence lasting forever?

Liberal heads exploded today as President Donald Trump teased the possibility that his political dynasty may go on well beyond the term limits of eight years for his presidency. In fact, his Twitter video posits, it may well be “Trump 4EVA.”

For the record, Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the longest-serving US president. He died shortly into his fourth term of office.  Term limits were instituted in 1951 to limit the tenure of any one president. Since then, frequent rumors have always cropped up about presidents who will refuse to leave office upon reaching their term limits, usually because of some unspecified crisis that would be ginned up.

President Trump would be 78 at the end of a 2020 presidential term. Ronald Reagan was 73 years and 274 days old when he was inaugurated for his second term, making him the oldest US president when he assumed his duties.

Watch the Trump video below.

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