‘The Daily Show’ With Trevor Noah, ‘The Late Show With Stephen Colbert’ Take On Drones

Trevor Noah
Trevor Noah Comedy Central

The political talk shows today focused on Iran’s shooting down of an unmanned US drone, an act which could be seen as a provocation toward war akin to a gunboat being attacked in the Gulf of Tonkin.

The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah claimed both sides have their stories. The US is trying for sympathy by claiming, “Mom, Iran hit me!”  Noah also pointed out that the shoot-down occurred in an area very close to Iran’s border. The US border, of course, is many thousands of miles away, he noted.

Noah also took issue with the many media shots of the unmanned drone’s wreckage continuously shown. “The media showing pictures is because the drone left behind an entire drone family,” Noah joked. “Now that family is unmanned!”

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert also took on the drone issue. “The worry is if you send more people into the area, you increase the chance that something bad happens. Well, the big news today is someone made a mistake.”

Things escalated, to the point where many worried war would break out. Colbert noted, “It was an unmanned drone. That’s like declaring war over a downed washing machine.”

Finally, Colbert admitted the two sides don’t agree on the details of who’s to blame. “But who are you gonna believe, Iran or the US government?  That is a question that used to be really easy to answer!”

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