A&E Orders Live Daredevil Series ‘The Impossible Live’ From Essential Media

Volcano Walk Live

A&E Network and Essential Media Group (Saving Mr. Banks, Miracle on Everest) continue to push the boundaries in the genre of high-stakes stunts on live TV with new series The Impossible Live (working title). A&E has ordered five two-hour episodes of the series, which they describe as the most ambitious live stunt series ever attempted.

A&E and Essential have also been partnering with daredevil Bello Nock and his company Opportunity Nocks, Inc. on previously announced Volcano Walk Live (working title), a live special showcasing the longest, most complicated and dangerous stunt ever attempted – a world record high-wire walk over an active volcano. The special, which had been in development, has gotten an official green light.

“The Impossible Live will take viewers on a wild ride as they witness, in real time, the world’s greatest daredevils risking life and limb to pull off stunts worthy of a Hollywood blockbuster film, but without the benefits of retakes and CGI,” said Elaine Frontain Bryant, Executive Vice President and Head of Programming for A&E. “The excitement of pulling off the impossible is why we have been working together with Bello, his team and Essential for the last year to continue to develop the biggest stunt of them all.”

Over the course of five two-hour episodes, The Impossible Live (wt) will feature the world’s greatest daredevils attempting the most death-defying stunts ever seen on live television; including a parachute-less jump from a plane onto a speeding train, a motorcycle jump off a cliff in which the daredevil must drop the bike and grab on to the skids of a passing helicopter before the motorcycle plummets to the ground below; and the highest wire walk ever attempted from one hot air balloon to another.

Nock, along with his dare-daughter, Annaliese, will attempt the hot air balloon wire walk in The Impossible Live (wt). The series will begin pre-production this fall.

About Volcano Walk Live, Bello says: “We’ve spent two years traveling the world with top volcanologists and engineers planning this untethered world record-breaking high-wire walk. We first considered a volcano in Nicaragua but recent geological events have made the lava lake too small so we decided on a larger, more active and far more challenging volcano in East Africa. This is the wire walk that no one will ever be able to top!”

A&E has established a footprint in live programming on cable with its hit series Live PD and freshman series Live Rescue. The Impossible Live (wt) will be the network’s third continuing live series.

The Impossible Live and Volcano Walk Live are produced and developed by Essential Media Group, part of the KEW Media Group, with Jesse Fawcett, Greg Quail and Chris Hilton serving as executive producers. Elaine Frontain Bryant, Shelly Tatro, and Brad Holcman are executive producers for A&E.

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