Stephen Colbert Accuses Fox News Of Cheating On Trump By ‘Reporting The Truth’


President Trump kicked off his re-election campaign tonight in Orlando, Florida. While the crowd at his rally whooped and cheered, the president’s latest poll numbers are nothing to celebrate.

Even Fox News, his most trusted network, delivered a dose of bad poll numbers that showed him being trumped by several Democratic contenders in a hypothetical 2020 match-up.

That data stunned Colbert, who accused Fox of cheating on Trump by reporting something he never wants to hear — the truth.

“Ouch. Fox News,” Colbert quipped on Tuesday’s Late Show. “You pledged to be there for him, for better or worse. You keep this up, he’s going to leave you for a younger network.”

Trump dismissed Fox’s numbers, tweeting: “Something weird going on at Fox.”

Surprisingly, Colbert said Trump is right.

“Yes. I agree,” he joked. “Something weird going on at Fox. They’ve started reporting the truth? I hope I’m pronouncing this right, the truth.”

In case you were wondering, Sunday’s Fox News poll [results below] showed POTUS trailing former Vice President Joe Biden by 10 points. Sen. Bernie Sanders topped him by 9 points. Senators Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris also polled ahead of Trump, as did Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

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