CNN Bails On Donald Trump Re-Election Rally After Crowd Chants “CNN Sucks!”

Evan Vucci/Shutterstock

CNN started to air tonight’s Donald Trump re-election campaign kickoff rally but cut away when  the crowd starting chanting, “CNN sucks.” and the president invoked the “fake news” slur.

This came at roughly the 8-minute mark as POTUS was playing up America’s bright future — albeit briefly.

Trump made a showbiz reference, comparing the massive rally to the Academy Awards “before they went political and their ratings went down the tubes,” just as CNN cut away to anchor John Berman. He lamented that Trump talked for “about 30 seconds” about the economy and painted “a bright rosy future, but then quickly reverted to the same themes he’s been talking about since he began running four years ago today.”

CNN and fellow cable news outlet MSNBC, which did not interrupt its regular programming for Trump speech coverage, snubbed the president and continued with their primetime punditry while Fox News Channel stuck with the rally.

Trump’s speech was heavy on building up his accomplishments and eliciting chants including “Lock her up” and “drain the swamp” along with “U-S-A” and “four more years.” You can read how Deadline saw it in our archived live blog here.

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