Martin Sheen To Narrate Documentary On JFK Death Probe From Original Oswald Investigator

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EXCLUSIVE: Martin Sheen to is on board to narrate Rush to Judgment II, an update to the 1967 version, Rush to Judgment, which is being executive produced by Stephen S. Jaffe. He is a former staff investigator and last surviving member of the legal team run by New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison who led a probe into the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

The original Emile de Antonio-directed documentary was based on the New York Times best-selling novel Rush to Judgment by attorney Mark Lane, in which he takes issue with the Kennedy investigation and exposes serious flaws in the conclusions made by the Warren Commission. Lane, died in 2016, will be credited posthumously as an executive producer.

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The contemporary documentary, which will be produced by Dylan Howard via his Topixly label, aims to uncover the conspiracy of powerful men that resulted in the assassination of President Kennedy and a carefully planned incriminating trail leading to frame the self-described “patsy,” Lee Harvey Oswald.

It will feature interviews from associates of John and Robert Kennedy, as well as comments from recorded phone conversations by President Lyndon Johnson, in addition to former FBI, Secret Service, military intelligence and congressional personnel, who provided firsthand information. Oliver Stone, who directed the 1991 political thriller JFK about Garrison’s probe, also is set to appear.

Jaffe served an associate producer and technical consultant for the 1973 film Executive Action, starring Burt Lancaster and Robert Ryan, and was an associate producer/technical consultant on John Barbour’s documentaries, including, The JFK Assassination: The Jim Garrison Tapes. Howard also created An American Murder Mystery on Investigation Discovery.

Sheen has lent his voice as a narrator to a number of documentaries and films including Stone’s JFK pic that starred Kevin Costner as Garrison.

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