Italian Couple Arrested For George Clooney Clothing Line Scam

James Veysey/Shutterstock

An Italian man by the name of Francesco Galdelli and his wife Vanja Goffi were arrested in Thailand Sunday after Galdelli claimed to be George Clooney and sold clothes online, claiming it was a business opened by the actor.

According to Thailand’s Crime Suppression Division, Galdelli claimed he was Clooney and he opened a clothing business. He tricked people into sending him money. Goffi was in on the scam as well. This scam apparently has been in the works for years. Clooney told a Milan court that the couple and another accomplice have been fraudulently using his name to promote the fake clothing line.

This was not the couple’s first scam. Dubbed as the “Italian Bonnie and Clyde”, the two also ran scams that included selling fake Rolexes online. There would be times when they would send packets of salt instead of the luxury watches.

The two have been wanted by Interpol since 2013. There was drone footage of the pair carrying a bag as they were taken into custody from their compound in the Thai town in Pattaya. According to police, they have been in Thailand since 2014.

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