‘Men In Black: International’ Zaps $74M Overseas; ‘Aladdin’ Tops $700M WW – International Box Office


UPDATE, WRITETHRU: Sony’s Men In Black: International performed in line with pre-weekend industry projections, landing $73.7M at the international box office. Added to domestic’s fizzle, the global launch crossed the century mark with $102.2M. Offshore tracking is on par with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and 19% behind Men In Black 3 in like-for-likes and at current exchange rates.

There were No. 1s in 36 out of 56 markets, including China which led all play. The start there, however, is below the $30M most were seeing pre-release. Poor word of mouth and social scores led to a $26.3M three-day bow. Reviews aggregator Douban gave it a 5.8 while ticketing platform Maoyan chimed in with a 7.4. MIB4 is presented by Columbia Pictures with co-financing from Middle Kingdom behemoth Tencent and previous MIB partner Hemisphere Media Capital.

Industry finance sources tell us a final worldwide box office of about $300M will trigger ancillaries for a break-even result. That number could be on the cards. In some markets, the F Gary Gray-helmed Chris Hemsworth/Tessa Thompson-starrer is drawing family audiences with pick-up on Saturday. As Anthony has detailed, Sony’s exposure on what it says is a $110M budgeted pic is 50%. Global P&A was an estimated $120M with luxury promo partners bringing in $75M.

Part of the idea with this fourthquel was that it would stir nostalgia for some while bringing in new audiences to the franchise who wouldn’t have seen one of the original trio on the big screen. Awareness was high, but the movie wasn’t overwhelmingly a first-choice. Overall, the past few weeks haven’t been much to write home about from overseas for studio tentpole sequels, and audiences are agreeing with critics for the most part. Folks are also likely saving up for their playdate with Toy Story 4 next weekend while Sony will come swinging back with Spider-Man: Far From Home the following frame.

In the meantime, erstwhile Men In Black star Will Smith’s genie continues granting wishes for Disney. Another $47.5M in 55 markets this weekend lifts the offshore cume to $461.4M and the global total to $724.8M through Sunday. It held No. 1s in 20 markets and has already grossed $33M in Japan through the second frame.

Last weekend’s dud Dark Phoenix dropped by over 70% to cume $152.5M offshore and $204.3M worldwide.

Avengers: Endgame has now grossed $2.743B globally.

Next weekend, Toy Story 4 begins global rollout with some European majors and Japan coming later through the summer. China is in the initial suite, and IMAX will be a big component with 1300 screens across 51 markets. We’ll take a closer look at how TS4 is primed to perform this week.

Breakdowns on this weekend’s films above and more have been updated below.


As noted above, Sony’s responsibly-budgeted fourthquel was within the pre-opening range seen by the industry, though falling at the low end with $73.7M in 56 overseas markets.

China ($26.3M) and Korea ($4.9M and distributed by Lotte) underperformed off poor word of mouth. Japan had a $3.5M No. 2 bow. South East Asian hubs were solid with the full Asia region totaling $45.5M which is 25% above Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and on par with MIB3.

Members of the new-look MIB team did significant globetrotting, with stops in London, Paris, Russia and Beijing. Those appearances helped.

Latin America chimed in with $8.3M. Mexico was a No. 1 start at $3.9M, while Brazil also opened at No. 1, grossing $1.8M.

Other notable No. 1 bows were in Russia ($5.1M), the UK ($3.4M, though we hear this may be close for the top spot), Australia ($2.6M) and France ($2.5M).

Still to come over the summer are Belgium, Netherlands and Italy.

In IMAX, MIB4 rounded up $8.3M globally, of which $5.6M is from 960 offshore screens.


Overseas audiences are still along for the magic carpet ride as Disney’s Aladdin posted $47.5M in 55 markets this (4th) weekend. That lifts the offshore come to $461.4M for a $724.8M global take so far. This frame, the genie dropped just 34% and was No. 1 in 20 markets (both Sony and Dis are calling No. 1 in the UK which should shake out tomorrow).

Europe as a region dipped by 40% with great holds in Finland (-2%), Denmark (-27%), Netherlands (-31%), UK (-32%), Germany (-35%), Poland (-36%) and Israel (-38%) Aladdin has already surpassed the lifetime cumes of Oz: The Great And Powerful, Cinderella and Dumbo in Europe. 

Asia Pacific dipped 31% regionally with notable holds in Japan (-7%), Korea (-9%), Vietnam (-29%) and India (-31%). Aladdin has topped the lifetimes of the above cited films as well as Maleficent in the region.

Latin America saw a 32% slide (Brazil is another market where both Dis and Sony are calling No. 1 for now). Across the region, Aladdin has overtaken the lifetimes of Oz, Cinderella, Jungle Book and Dumbo.

The Top 5 markets are China ($51.7M), UK ($38.3M), Korea ($38.1M), Japan ($32.6M) and Mexico ($29.6M).


Dark Phoenix
20th Century Fox
Dropping 74% in like-for-like markets this session, the flameout X-Men title added $24.2M overseas for a $152.5M cume. Globally, the Disney/Fox movie is at $204.3M. Indonesia opened to No. 1 with $3.5M and 15% bigger than X-Men: Apocalypse, so there’s that.

China added just $10M through the week and weekend to come $55.4M thus far. Behind it are Mexico ($8.3M), France ($7.7M), UK ($7.5M) and Korea ($6.3M) to round out the Top 5. Japan is on deck next weekend.


Warner Bros.
Warner Bros/Legendary’s monsters scared up another $14.1M in 79 offshore markets for a running come of $254.8M internationally. Worldwide, they are at $339.5M.

China has now grossed $123.2M to lead all markets while Japan has made $20M. Rounding out the Top 5 are Mexico ($9.3M), UK ($8.1M) and Indonesia ($7.8M).

Spain is still to open, bowing this coming weekend.


Paramount’s Elton John pic roped and tied $8.5M in 55 markets this weekend including six new openings. The overseas cume is now $67M for a global total of $133.1M. The Dexter Fletcher-helmed musical fantasy added the UAE for $140K at 50 locations while Taiwan delivered $116K from 85 in the debut session. The best hold was in the UK with another $1.9M for $24.3M to date after four weekends. Australia has now grossed $9.9M with France at $4.4M, Germany at $4M and Brazil $2.7M to round out the Top 5. The last major to open will be Japan on August 23.
Illumination/Universal’s animated animals woofed down $8.5M in 34 markets this session as the film continues its slow rollout. The offshore cume is $62.5M for $154.6M to date. The top starts among new hubs this frame were Indonesia ($451K/250 screens) and India ($372K/756/No. 2).

The UK is still the lead market with $21M after a 31% drop in weekend 4 and with Aladdin still providing stiff competition. Russia has grossed $20.4M. Overall holds in Europe are solid.

Next weekend notably adds Australia while China goes to the dogs on July 5 with a possible easing of competition if local title The Eight Hundred sees its release postponed.

Lionsgate’s threequel now has an international cume of $127.5M, contracting a further $6.2M in 87 offshore markets this session. The global tally is $276.1M.

The Top 5 so far are UK ($12.5M), Germany ($9.8M), Australia ($9.7M), Russia ($7.5M) and Mexico ($7.2M). Korea bows this week.


Pokemon Detective Pikachu (WB): $3.4M intl weekend (72 markets); $279.5M intl cume
Ma (UNI): $2.3M intl weekend (36 markets); $11.4M intl cume
Avengers: Endgame (DIS): $2.1M intl weekend (45 markets); $1.912B intl cume
The Dead Don’t Die (UNI): $700K intl weekend (5 markets); $3.1M intl cume
A Dog’s Journey (UNI): $300K intl weekend (11 markets); $8.5M intl cume ($40.2M incl non-Uni markets)

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