Trevor Noah, Seth Meyers & Stephen Colbert Have A Field Day With Trump “Opponent Dirt” Comments

Trevor Noah
Trevor Noah Comedy Central

President Donald Trump is the gift that keeps on giving to late night comics, and tonight was no exception.

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and Late Night with Seth Meyers took aim at Trump’s ill-considered remarks to ABC’s George Stephanopoulos that he would listen to opposition research (i.e. dirt) on a political opponent given by a foreign government, and wouldn’t necessarily run to call the FBI.

First up, Noah’s take: “It’s not safe to take candy from strangers – but there’s one person who didn’t learn that lesson,” said Noah, adding, “This is just crazy, people. After all the country has gone through…that sh*tty Game of Thrones ending!”

Noah was astonished that Trump referenced Norway as a potential caller. “If Zimbabwe called, Noah said, Trump would be on the move. “Hello, 911? I would like to report a sh*thole country.”

He also mentioned Trump’s comment that he has “seen a lot of things in my life,” and his comment that the FBI Director was wrong to call such actions a crime.

“That was a weird one. Did anyone pick up on that?  What other crimes has Trump witnessed that he didn’t report?  ‘I ain’t no snitch!’

Noah noted that by taking opposition research, Trump could potentially owe a favor “Nothing in life is free. What do you mean, Trevor? Tickets to the Daily Show are free!” He paused. “That’s what we told you on the way in. But now it’s time to pay.”

Seth Meyers was equally unsparing in his take. He played a clip of Trump’s comments that he would listen to dirt.

“There it is,” Meyers said, shaking his head. “Trump would leave a calling card at the Watergate break-in. Why are we not taking this as a confession?”

As to Trump’s defensive tweet on whether he should report every meeting with a foreign leader, Meyers said, no, “Unless one of those leaders offers something illegal. If you meet the Queen of England and she offers a rip off the bong…”

“This is not a hypothetical,” Meyers concluded. “He’s actively soliciting (foreign governments) to intervene on his behalf in 2020…. I think the Russians are the only ones who haven’t tuned out Donald Trump,” Meyers concluded.

Finally, Colbert was equally dismissive. Noting his nightly attacks on the President’s alleged lies, Colbert said, “I might owe him an apology – it’s even worse when he tells the truth!”

The host reached back to an earlier time for a comparison. Trump admitting he’d take information is “like Nixon saying, ‘I am a crook. Lock me up. Lock me up!'”

Colbert noted that Robert Mueller is just getting home with all his boxes. When he hears about this, his reaction will be: “Damn it, honey. I’m going back to work. I’ll see you in another two years!”


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