Mira Sorvino Discloses She Was Date Raped, Actress Wants “Justice” For Survivors

Mira Sorvino, Albany, USA - 12 Jun 2019 Shutterstock

Actress Mira Sorvino, a prominent voice within the #MeToo and Time’s Up movements and an early accuser of Harvey Weinstein, has disclosed for the first time that she was date raped.

Sorvino was speaking during a news conference with New York governor Andrew Cuomo as part of a campaign to drop the statute of limitations surrounding rape allegations.

Speaking about her ordeal for the first time, the Oscar-winning actress revealed, “I can stand here before you and say not only was I a sexual harassment and battery victim at the hands of Mr Weinstein, but I’m also a sexual assault victim and I’m also a survivor of date rape.”

According to the AP, Sorvino didn’t go into detail about the incident, but wanted to disclose the assault to help others.

“I am doing it here to try and help, because there are all these survivors out there right now who need justice, who need to feel that they can take the time they need to sort through the trauma, to sort through the shame,” she said in emotional testimony. “Because I can tell you in situations of second degree rape, which is what mine would constitute, you feel ashamed. You feel that somehow it was your fault.”

In New York, second-degree rape involves victims who cannot consent to sexual activity, either because of their age, mental capacity or state of inebriation.

Mighty Aphrodite star Sorvino was among the first actresses to speak out against disgraced producer Weinstein, alleging he had sexually harassed her during a project they worked on in 1995. Director Peter Jackson later claimed that Weinstein told him not to consider Sorvino for a role in The Lord Of The Rings because she was difficult to work with, a claim Weinstein denied.

Despite reports last month of a potential $44M settlement deal with some of his accusers, Weinstein still faces charges of rape and is due to go on trial in New York in September. He denies all allegations of non-consensual sex.

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