‘The Daily Show’ With Trevor Noah Frets Over Trump State Secrets And Dry Cleaners

Comedy Central

What better place to keep a secret agreement than in the inside pocket of your suit?

The Daily Show and host Trevor Noah had fun tonight with how Commander in Chief Donald Trump takes care of state secrets. It all started at an impromptu press conference, when Trump responded to a question on his Mexican tariff agreement by pulling out documents from his suit, waiving them for the assembled press.

“There are two possibilities there and neither are good,” said Noah. “Either he pulled out a takeout menu, or it’s a real agreement and the President is walking around with secret documents.”

Noting how Trump was angry at Hillary Clinton’s adventures with a homebrew server, Noah noted that Trump carrying important papers “could be hacked by a gust of wind or a pigeon.”

He added: Keeping important documents in your suit is risky because we’ve all forgotten things.  As Noah noted, Trump might receive a call from his dry cleaners: “Hey, Mr. Trump, you left the nuclear codes in your jacket again!”

Watch the video below.

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