Mark Hamill Confesses He Was Fired By Hollywood Jack In The Box In Pre ‘Star Wars’ Days

Mark Hamill
Anthony Harvey/Shutterstock

‘Star Wars’ actor Mark Hamill revealed on James Corden’s Late, Late Show Tuesday night that he was once fired from a Hollywood Jack in the Box restaurant for using funny voices in the drive-thru.

“I was always trying to find the theatrical aspects of it. I actually worked right down the street here at Jack in the Box (Corden films at CBS Television City, making it likely the restaurant in question was on North Highland Avenue) and I was in the back all the time, making shakes and minding the grill,’ Hamill said. “I always aspired to work the window, the drive-thru. And the one chance I had at it, it never occurred to me not to be in character as the Jack in the Box clown.”

His manager was less than pleased. “He told me to go home and never come back,’ Hamill said. “Yeah, I got fired. Fired for being in character.”

Hamill said he got his revenge, though. “I’ll show you. One day I’ll be the Joker and then you’ll be sorry,” referring to his voicing of Batman’s arch-enemy in several animated movies and TV shows.”

Watch the interview below:

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