President Trump Plays Straight Man To Twitter With Deadline Comment And Head Point: “Nobody Can Quite Figure It Out”

President Donald Trump Twitter

Pointing to your head and saying “Nobody can quite figure it out” is a set-up that only the sturdiest of sitcom writers could resist, and President Donald Trump made it all the more tempting for wisecracking journalists by framing the comment around irresistible “deadline” bait.

Trump’s retweet-friendly comment came at today’s press conference (see video below) in response to Reuters correspondent Jeff Mason’s question, “What is your deadline, if you have one, for China to make progress on trade before you impose the tariffs on the other $325 billion in goods?”

After some evading – and Mason’s repeat of the question – Trump said, “No, I have no deadline.” Then, pointing to his own head, the president continued, “My deadline is what’s up here. We’ll figure out the deadline. Nobody can quite figure it out.”

The “deadline” comment hit too close to home for journos to resist. See some of the tweets below.

“CC: Every editor I’ve ever worked with,” tweeted the Washington Post’s Josh Dawsey.

“Me when my editor says I’m past deadline,” tweeted CBS News’ Kathryn Watson.

Eli Stokels of the Los Angeles Times was among the media types who just retweeted the president’s words and let the joke tell itself.


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