Hulu And FX Partner For Rights To Lionsgate Theatrical Films, Succeeding Epix In 2020

In a sign of changing times, both in terms of industry consolidation and shifting technology and release platforms, Hulu and FX are teaming up to take over streaming and linear rights to Lionsgate theatrical films starting in 2020.

Details of the arrangement, which replaces a long-term pact with Epix, were confirmed to Deadline by a source familiar with the deal. None of the companies provided any comment when contacted by Deadline.

Lionsgate-branded films produced in calendar 2020 and 2021 will be streamed by Hulu and given linear airings on FX, a voracious buyer of first-run films, the source indicated. Films put out by Summit, the Hunger Games home acquired by Lionsgate in 2012, will continue to have their post-theatrical windows on HBO. The end of both pacts is synchronized in a way that will enable Lionsgate to move its films to Starz down the road.

The scheme offers one of the first vivid illustrations of the coalescing of assets under the Disney umbrella. Last month, the media giant struck a deal to gain full operational control of Hulu by buying out Comcast. It brought FX in as part of the $71.3 billion acquisition of most of 21st Century Fox, which closed in March.

Epix is now fully owned and operated by MGM but began as a venture involving Paramount and Lionsgate. When MGM bought out those partners for $1 billion in 2017, it set the stage for changes, though Epix extended the initial output deals through the end of 2019. Over the past year, Paramount has been playing the field, holding talks with Amazon about film collaborations and also strengthening its ties to Netflix.

The Information had the first report of the Hulu-FX deal with Lionsgate.

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