New Hollywood Podcast: Our Lady J Talks HIV Destigmatization And How ‘Pose’ Season 2 Slays

By Dino-Ray Ramos, Amanda N'Duka

"Pose" writer and prodcer Our Lady J

Just in time for Pride Month and the season 2 premiere of Pose, writer and producer Our Lady J sat in the hot seat at the New Hollywood Podcast to spill the tea and talk what led her to the critically-acclaimed, groundbreaking FX series that has just has been slaying audiences since it premiered last year.

Our Lady J previously worked on Amazon’s Transparent before boarding Pose as a producer and writer. And if you didn’t notice, she also appears in the Janet Mock-directed “Love is the Message” episode and she can be seen playing the piano. Speaking to that, in addition to being a writer and producer, Our Lady J is also a classically trained musician — and she plays every instrument under the sun. She has also played at Carnegie Hall and for the American Ballet Theatre and for the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater — no big deal at all.

Throughout the years, Our Lady J has been an incredible voice of the trans community and involved with HIV and AIDS advocacy. Being HIV+, she strives to destigmatize HIV and AIDS and she uses Pose as a platform for exactly that. In the first season, the drama handled HIV differently than the past. The cloud of doom and gloom has been lifted and it shows characters living life with HIV rather than dying in a pool of depression. And as season 2 debuts tonight on FX, the series leans more into HIV advocacy, expanding her message.

She also talked about her upbringing on a farm, her obsession with Dolly Parton and dream Pose guest stars. We also try our best to get her to spill the beans about this season. Listen to the episode below.

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