James Corden Tweets Credit For “James In The Bathroom” Tonys Parody, Calls Joe Iconis Original His Favorite Song Of Season

"James In The Bathroom" CBS/YouTube

UPDATE with George Salazar, Joe Iconis responses James Corden is giving some Be More Chill credit where it’s due.

After drawing some online criticism for not tipping off the national Tony Awards audience that his “James in the Bathroom” comedy number was a takeoff of the song performed by George Salazar in Joe Iconis’ Be More Chill, Corden tweeted a clip of Salazar performing “Michael in the Bathroom,” noting that the song is his favorite of the Broadway season.

“Our song ‘James in the Bathroom’ is a parody of an incredible Joe Iconis song from the musical @BeMoreChill it’s my favourite song of the season and here is the original,” Corden tweeted today.

“James Corden. Classy man. Thanks, sir” Salazar tweeted in response.

Iconis also weighed in with a lengthy tweet, saying he was taken by surprise (but seemed happy) with the parody.

On the CBS broadcast last night, Corden performed a parody version of the song, singing from what appeared to be Radio City Music Hall’s men’s room, with three surprise guests popping out of adjoining stalls: Josh Groban, Sara Bareilles and finally Neil Patrick Harris.

When Harris opened the stall door, fans of Be More Chill – and of the snubbed Salazar especially – were no doubt hoping Salazar himself would emerge to join the musical number. No such luck, and both Be More Chill and Salazar went unmentioned during or after the parody, leaving viewers unfamiliar with the show in the dark.

Salazar retweeted a couple of the complaints making the social media rounds this morning, without comment.

Corden no doubt saw the snub call-outs, and made social media amends. Below, watch the parody, then the real thing:

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