‘The League’ Creators And Cast Reminisce About Meghan Markle Appearing On FX Comedy, Talk Possibility Of Reboot – ATX

On Friday night, The League creators Jeff Schaffer and Jackie Marcus Schaffer were joined by cast members Paul Scheer (Andre), Nick Kroll (Ruxin), Jason Mantzoukas (Rafi), Stephen Rannazzisi (Kevin) and Katie Aselton (Jenny) to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the FX cult comedy and reminisce about the show and hilariously throw each other under the bus — specifically Jonathan Lajoie and Mark Duplass, who weren’t able to make it to the reunion. But first, they pointed out that they once had a member of the royal family on the show.

The cast and creators of “The League” at the ATX Television Festival

“Mark is Eskimo brothers with Prince Harry,” Aselton pointed out.

Rannazzisi was shocked and did not remember that Meghan Markle, now the Duchess of Sussex, was on the show on the first season of the show playing a divorcee.

“We had an Oscar winner and a princess on the show!” Aselton pointed out. (The Oscar winner, for those keeping score, was Brie Larson who appeared in two episodes.)

“The Queen is a big The League fan,” Mantzoukas chimed in before taking a beat to say: “If Meghan Markle was in a scene with Rafi, she would be ineligible to be a princess.”

The series ran for seven seasons and for those who watched the semi-improvised show, the Schaffers puts the cast through a lot of off-center scenarios which included work with dangerous members of the animal kingdom including bears, bulls, monkeys and birds — which Rannazzisi hates. They also discussed how they had a real fantasy football league behind the scenes and out of everyone, Rannazzisi and Schaffer were the only real-life fantasy football players — and they constantly lost. There were also many moments when injuries happened on set with an on-set medic who wasn’t that much help. All that said, they were asked if there would a reboot of this show to do all of this all over again.

“At the time, fantasy football was popular — is that still popular?” asked Marcus Schaffer.

Aselton responded, “Is Friends still popular, Jackie?”

“There’s nothing on this planet more fun than working with these people,” Schaffer added. “It was an extremely fun experience.”

“Could you reboot the show and have the same impact — I don’t know,” adds Scheer. “But I think people would be excited to see this show do something.”

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