‘The Daily Show’ Pitches Sitcom Starring ‘Dumb And Dumber’ Stunt Double Boris Johnson

Trevor Noah
Trevor Noah Comedy Central

All eyes are focused on the UK now that President Donald Trump is wrapping up his state visit. So naturally, The Daily Show and host Trevor Noah took the opportunity to mock a somewhat Trumpian politician in Boris Johnson, the former mayor of London turned Parliamentarian, and perhaps soon-to-be Prime Minister.

Noah noted that Donald Trump and Johnson share many similarities. “Both were born in New York City, both had famous cheating scandals, they have similar political beliefs – look at them! They look like they were separated at birth.”

For years, no one took either of them seriously, Noah said. “And now, Boris is poised to become the leader of his country, thanks to Brexit, a position as desirable as Kanye West’s social media manager.”

Noah claimed that Johnson looked like a stunt double for Jeff Daniels in the film Dumb and Dumberand presented a highlight reel that was designed to underline that theme, showing Johnson stuck on a zipline, stumbling through stunts, and quoting some of his more interesting takes, including that Hillary Clinton was like “a sadistic nurse in a mental hospital” and that Russia’s Vladimir Putin resembled Dobby from the Harry Potter films.

Check out the video below for more.

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