Stephen Colbert Praises President Donald Trump As “A Good Boy”


Few take more delight in skewering President Donald Trump than The Late Show host Stephen Colbert, and President Trump’s state visit to the UK has provided him with some prime ammunition.

Colbert started off his monologue by noting that no prominent politician is allowed to exit the UK without sitting down with journalist Piers Morgan. Trump was no exception, and during his exchange with Morgan, it was noted that Trump seemed on his best behavior while visiting with the Queen, a concept Trump quickly agreed with, albeit noting that he thinks he’s usually exhibiting good behavior.

“Is this how far we’ve sunk?” chortled Colbert. “We’re complimenting the President that he’s well-behaved, like a dog?” He said Trump was a “good boy” for not humping the Queen’s leg, “at least in public.”

Trump told Morgan that it was an emotional moment to walk into the state dinner with the Queen, who, he said, “Can walk as fast as I can.”

Colbert noted that it was “an odd compliment, or a strange confession,” that the President claimed he could match the shuffling gait of 93-year-old woman.

Watch the video below for more.

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