Trevor Noah And Stephen Colbert Mock Trump’s Protest-Filled U.K. Visit

Daily Show Trump clip on Tuesday, June 4, 2019. (Credit: Comedy Central)
Comedy Central

While the royal family and outgoing British Prime Minister Theresa May rolled out the red carpet for President Trump, protesters weren’t so welcoming.

From the moment POTUS touched down this week in the U.K., demonstrators have lined the streets every step of the way. The noisy protests are giving late-night comedians an abundance of new material.

“British protesters are no joke,” Trevor Noah quipped Tuesday on the Daily Show. “Tens of thousands protesting Trump, and this was in the rain, which I know to them is a summer day, but that’s not the point.”

Noah added, “Even conservative British people don’t like Trump.”

Stephen Colbert also seized on the chilly reception Trump has gotten from some Brits.

While the protest footage has played out on international TV, Trump insisted in a news conference that the people gathered in the streets were actually admirers.

“There were thousands of people on the streets cheering,” he claimed.

In his best Trump imitation, Colbert joked on the Late Show: “You know what I call that? Fake Booze.”

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