Peter Chernin Asks Top Industry Execs For Money To Fight Anti-Abortion Laws: “We Have A Moral Responsibility”

Peter Chernin
Evan Agostini/Invision/AP)

Hollywood has been hand-wringing over the recent spate of draconian anti-abortion laws being passed on the state level — most notably in incentives-rich Georgia — and now Peter Chernin is taking the fight to a new level. The veteran producer has sent an email to many of the town’s top brass that asks for donations to battle the new legislation.

Chernin, who said his family foundation and his Chernin Entertainment already have contributed $1 million for the cause, is teaming with ACLU Executive Director Anthony Romero on the fundraising effort. The email seeks $15 million by a July 1 deadline.

“I am launching a campaign to contribute to the $15 million that is needed to fund the ACLU’s legal efforts to battle the national anti-abortion effort,” he wrote, according to The New York Times, which first reported the story. “We have a moral responsibility to act immediately.”

The Times said the email was sent to senior executives at the major movie studios, as well as such industry heavyweights as Jeff Bezos, Ari Emanuel, Ted Sarandos, Tim Cook and Shonda Rhimes.

About two weeks ago, Chernin and his company’s President of Film Jenno Topping said they would continue to film the feature Fear Street and the upcoming Starz drama series P-Valley in Georgia, despite the state passing its controversial “fetal heartbeat” law. Here is part of what they said at the time:

“We were conflicted about contributing to the health of an economy and a state that had declared war on the rights and freedom of its women. On one hand, if we chose the boycott route, thousands of jobs would be lost ultimately damaging workers who rely on production for livelihood, including many women. We also know that the only way to fight the massive, now national incursion on women’s rights is through a legal battle, a battle that needs funding and on the ground support via organizations like the ACLU who are powering up to overturn the law. So our choice became pretty clear we will stay in Georgia, stand shoulder to shoulder with the women of that state and the states under attack, and fight to win.”

Other states have passed equally strict or even more harsh anti-abortion laws in recent weeks, including Alabama, Ohio, Mississippi, KEntucky and Utah.

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