Leaked ‘Jeopardy!’ Footage May Reveal Fate Of James Holzhauer’s Winning Streak

James Holzhauer competing on 'Jeopardy!' (CBS)

SPOILER ALERT! This article includes possible spoiler information about Jeopardy! champ James Holzhauer!

Allegedly leaked video footage of what looks to be an upcoming Jeopardy! episode with current champ and professional gambler James Holzhauer has social media and Jeopardy! fans buzzing in with opinions.

The footage shows Holzhauer, who has to date won 32 consecutive episodes, so far winning about $2.3 million and threatening to topple Ken Jennings’ longstanding $2.5 million record, squaring off against rival contestant Emma Boettcher.

The video indicates that both Holzhauer and Boettcher correctly answer a Final Jeopardy! question – or, more accurately, correctly question a Final Jeopardy! answer – but only one of the two wage enough money to win the round.

STOP READING here if you don’t want to know that…

Holzhauer loses, bringing his 32-day winning streak to a close. The airdate of the episode in the video, which of course has not been verified by Jeopardy!, is unclear, but is thought to be today’s episode.

Holzhauer himself, though, seemed to acknowledge the loss in a cryptic tweet last night. Replying to CNN’s Brian Stelter, who tweeted, “Just walked into a bar that’s playing @Jeopardy reruns on every TV. No pressure, @James_Holzhauer…”

To which Holzhauer responded, “If it’s a rerun, I probably got this”

If you prefer to have answers to questions before they’re asked, here’s the supposedly leaked footage, making the Twitter rounds since yesterday…

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